Company Profile


Our company is a building material provider company with FALCON as the company’s trade mark. FALCON products are produced with high-tech international standard, managed by professional human resources, using quality materials and stringent quality control to ensure high quality products. 


FALCON light weight concrete shall include Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) and floor panel. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is FALCON’s first lightweight concrete products that are manufactured from eco-friendly materials such as cement, silica sand, lime, and gypsum. Those materials are processed through aeration with high pressure steam curing to obtain light weight concrete and yet high compressive strength. FALCON products are manufactured in our plant situated at Ngoro Industrial Park (NIP) – East Java.


FALCON AAC is suitable and economical for building high rises and houses due to the following features:


  • Light weight but strong: it can substitute the use of conventional brick. This light weight property of AAC will provide cost saving for the construction of foundation, column, beam and slab. In addition to that, a lighter structural load shall make the building safer and more chance of survival when there is earthquake. Using lighter material will make it easier to distribute, transport and transfer at site. This saves labor cost.  
  • Precise and even dimension as well as larger size (12 times) compared to conventional brick: FALCON AAC shall consume lesser thin bed of mortar and plaster to save adhesive cost. The large size will save time (3 times) to do masonry work than the conventional brick and therefore, lower labor cost.
  • Low thermal conductivity: FALCON AAC makes the wall withstand better and safer when there is fire. This thermal insulation improvement also makes the room cooler under the heat of sunlight and therefore can save energy cost for air conditioning.
  • Low sound conductivity: FALCON AAC provides more comfort for the owner because it insulates the room from noise and makes it sound proof. 
  • Low water absorption: this feature makes FALCON AAC becoming water-proof. Consequently, room becomes less moist and healthier for the owner. Paint and wallpaper will also last longer
  • Eco-friendy: the production of AAC does not use toxic materials which make it safer for building and give lower impact to the environment.


Whilst doing business is important, the company is also involved in social events as a part of its corporate social responsibility. The company routinely works together with several Indonesian charity organizations through “Rumah FALCON” program providing housing for the impoverished society. Hence, our customers will indirectly participate in these social activities by ordering FALCON products.