Falcon House Project with Habitat - Family of Mr. M.Khoirul Anam(31 year)

Name : M KHOIRUL ANAM (31 year)
Occupation : Laborer
Spouse name : Iit Leni Rahayu (24 year)
Occupation : Housewife
Address : Dusun Kluwung RT 02 RW 03, Kesamben Kulon, Wringinanom, Gresik, East Java
families member lived in the house : 3 - Maulana Agam Syahrezza (3 year) / child

House of Condition
The house dimension is 4.5x8m. The front wall of the house uses wooden boards, the other wall are made from bamboo. Ground floor. The structure of the house uses bamboo. It does not have a bathroom and toilet. The house is not equipped with ventilation facilities. 450w electricity subsidy.

Home Owner Stories
I live in this house after I married my wife for about 5 years, I had many experiences when I lived in the old house, during the rainy season, apart from leaking, rainwater enters the house through the bottom. If it rains this house is not occupied by my family and I live at my parents-in-law's house, actually I feel reluctant if it rains, people have to sleep in it.
The desire to repair the house has been there since I got married. I try to save money to repair my house every time I get money from labor, but because of need, I can't save.
Alhamdulillah Now my house is livable thanks to Falcon Light Brick and habitat, so I don't worry anymore. Aamiin