Falcon House Project with Habitat - Family of Mr. Ridwan Esau Appaserai (46 year)

Occupation : Factory Laborer
Spouse name : Sumiati (51 year)
Occupation : Factory Laborer
Address : Dusun Kluwung RT 02 RW 03, Kesamben Kulon, Wringinanom, Gresik, East Java
families member lived in the house : 3 - Oktaviana Indriani (13 year) / Child

House of Condition
The house dimension is 4x15m. The front wall, and inner partition using wooden planks and plywood. One side of the back wall to the bathroom is a brick wall, and the other is made from bamboo. The floor of the front house is plastered properly, and the other is the ground floor. The structure of the house uses wood. It has a bathroom and toilet.
Subsidized 900w electricity. Cover children's school fees.

Type of intervention : New House
GPS coordinate : S07 20 56 77 E112 30 19 87

Home Owner Stories
I lived here for about 20 years, I had many unpleasant experiences during my stay here, actually, I wanted to fix this house, but because I got my small income so I suppressed this desire deeply. My daughter Oktaviana Indriani has not good body sickly conditions, starting from coughing, vomiting, and even having a blood fever that has to be hospitalized. According to the Kesambenkulon Health Center doctor, this is caused by the cleanliness and lack of ventilation. What should I do with my condition like this, I can't do much. Actually, my daughter
wants his own room to study, and she hopes that if she has her own room he is not shy to invite his friends to study at home. Alhamdulillah, it seems that my prayer has been answered by God, with the intermediary of Habitat & Falcon Light Brick who built my house. I am sure that with a decent house, my child will no longer be shy to invite his friends to study at home and be even more active in learning.