Falcon House Project with Habitat - Family of Mr. Saiful (31 year)

Name : SAIFUL (31 year)
Occupation : Seller
Spouse name : Yuli Astari (24 year)
Occupation : IRT
Address : Dusun Kluwung RT 02 RW 03, Kesamben Kulon, Wringinanom, Gresik, East Java
families member lived in the house : 3 - Ahmad Wahyu Jati Kumulloh (7 year) / child

House of Condition
The house dimension is 4x12m. The front wall uses wooden boards, the inner partition uses plywood, the rest is bamboo booths. The front floor made from cement, the middle to the back is the dirt floor. The structure of the front house uses wood, the back uses bamboo. Already have a toilet and bathroom. Electricity 900w subsidized

Home Owner Stories
I have lived in this house for 10 years. The income from my husband who sells meatballs is not that much, but he can only eat and pay for my children's school fees, the desire to renovate the house has not been realized until now. There are lots of rats in this house. During the rainy season, my house leaked.
I actually worried about living in this house, because the condition of the roof of the house is eaten by termites & the walls are also only made of woven bamboo. What I am most afraid of is when it rains at night, so that my husband and children don't get enough sleep, because it leaks. Alhamdulillah, now my house will be built by Habitat & the walls are very sturdy, so I no longer worry about it leaking or collapsing, and have a calmer life. Thank you Habitat & Falcon lightweight brick