Falcon House Project with Habitat - Family of Ms. Tama (51 year)

Name : TAMA (51 year) / Widowed
Occupation : Farmer Laborer
Spouse name -
Occupation -
Address : Dusun Kluwung RT 02 RW 03, Kesamben Kulon, Wringinanom, Gresik, East Java
families member lived in the house : 2 - Qotib Andrianto (21 year) / child

House of Condition
The house dimension is 4.5x12m. The wall of the house in front of the living room uses brick without iron, the wall room is made of bamboo. The back wall of the house (kitchen) on one side used the neighboring wall.
The front floor is plaster and the other is dirt. The structure of the house uses bamboo. The position of the house is lower than the road about 50cm. Mixed roof tile and asbestos. 450w subsidized electricity.

Home Owner Stories
I lived in this house since I was a child, my parents bequeathed this house. My economic condition is mediocre so I can't afford to build my house. My job apart from being a farm laborer is also being a massage therapist. Actually, many people want to massage by me, but because of the poor condition of my house that almost collapsed they were afraid to massaged.
There I'm feeling of shame because I don't have a house like other people in general, especially when I get a turn for the yasinan, so I borrowed my brother's house which is next to mine.
During the rainy season, my house leaked, so my house became muddy because the floor was still dirt. Worse yet with rats and cockroaches that roam my house.
Thank God my house is much better now. Hopefully with a new house. I am sure that with the new house, many people who want massages are no longer worried about the condition of my house. My house is now free of cockroaches and mice.
Once again thank you to Falcon Light Brick and Habitat.