Falcon House Project with Habitat - Family of Mr. Wiryo (71 year)

Name : WIRYO (71 year)
Occupation : Farmer
Spouse name : Ngatemi (68 year)
Occupation : Farmer
Address : Dusun Kluwung RT 01 RW 03, Kesamben Kulon, Wringinanom, Gresik, East Java
families member lived in the house : 1

House of Condition
The house dimension is 5x12m. The front wall of the house uses wooden boards, the inner bulkhead walls use plywood boards, the other walls are made from bamboo. Full ground floor. The structure of the front of the house uses wood, the rest is bamboo. Already have a toilet and bathroom. Last house renovation around 2004. 900w subsidized house electricity. Wiryo's wife (Ngatemi 68 years) has lived in this house since childhood, according to Ngatemi's mother

Home Owner Stories
“I've lived in this house since I was a kid, it's been about 68 years. My husband and I wanted to have a decent house like our neighbors, but because of our economy, our wish was not fulfilled. In my previous house, there were a lot of mice in the house, so I was always worried about putting food in the house. Because of this rat, my husband also had a disease - vomiting, fever, and diarrhea called the Hanta Virus. Alhamdulillah, now my house is ready
built with walls of strong materials & I'm not worried the house could fall again. I'm sure from now on my house will be free of mice and we will live a healthier life.